Parent Partnership

Phone calls and weekly reports

We believe in frequent communication with parents. Our staff makes it a point to make both positive and constructive calls home to parents to inform them about their children’s progress. Each week, we send home a report with student grades, behavior data, and notes for parents to review to ensure they are up to date on their children’s performance in school. Click here for a sample of what our weekly reports look like.

Home visits

We believe in getting to know students and families. Prior to the start of school, we conduct a home visit for every incoming 7th grader to connect with their families, learn about their experiences in school, their hopes and goals, and how we can best support them. We intend to build trust and teamwork before our students even set foot on campus at Invictus.


parent teacher conferences

Each semester, we invite parents to meet with their child’s Advisor to receive a comprehensive update about their child’s performance and progress in school. We cover their reading and math growth, grades, cumulative behavior data, work samples, and teacher feedback to ensure parents have a complete picture of their children’s strengths and areas of need.

fam conference pic.PNG

volunteering and leadership

Our parent community is active and engaged in students’ work at school. We invite parents help plan and organize school events, volunteer on campus, and join for special Family Meeting celebrations on Friday’s. A parent representative sits on our Board of Directors and leads our Family Advisory Council, which supports active parent engagement.

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