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Why invictus Academy?

As a highly skilled individual, you undoubtedly have many organizations vying for your talents, all offering competitive salaries. We believe joining the Invictus founding team represents a unique opportunity. Here are some of the reasons:

1.     As a founder, you will have a unique and lasting impact on the future of Invictus.

2.     We will offer 24 total days of professional development, frequent coaching, and opportunities to be a leader on campus. At Invictus, you will grow as a professional tremendously.

3.     We value open, honest communication and transparency. Your voice and feedback matter at Invictus.

4.     We have a unique focus on teaching our students to leverage the power of their voice and speak with confidence, empowering them to be future leaders and change-makers.

5.    We will serve a high needs population, and our work is deeply rooted in social justice. We have the honor and privilege to be difference-makers in our students’ lives.

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Open Positions

Dean of Students


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Open Positions

Director of Operations