Our Model


High quality teaching

We believe the quality of our school cannot exceed the quality of our teachers. We recruit teachers locally and from across the country, and provide them with high quality training. Our teachers get nearly 200 hours of professional development in instruction, classroom culture and management, and operations. All teachers have a dedicated coach who provides feedback through classroom observations and holds a weekly coaching meeting to drive continuous improvement.


Structured, rigorous academics

Our school’s North Star is academic achievement, and we believe in purposeful structure to support students’ academic growth. We offer an extra instructional period in math and/or English language arts each day, and our courses are designed to ensure that students master Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. We assess our students frequently using exit tickets, quizzes, tests, essays, class discussions, and projects to identify learning gaps and close them intentionally and swiftly.

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Authentic relationships

We believe in fostering positive, authentic relationships as a community. We are dedicated to getting to know our students better as people so we can better support them in the classroom. Our staff regularly recognize students for excellent work in class, striving for four positive interactions for every corrective one. Each week, we celebrate a student and staff member of the week at our Family Meeting. We make it a point to make positive phone calls home to affirm the excellent work our students are doing in their classes.


Purposeful technology

We believe that technology can be an excellent tool for an outstanding teacher to accelerate learning. Every student at Invictus is assigned a laptop for use at school, and has a personalized English or math period each day in addition to their regular English and math classes. Teachers selectively use technology to further their instruction, including utilizing videos, online quizzes, research, and more.

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Advisory, Tutoring, and Electives

Weekly, we offer an Advisory period, tutoring block, and elective class. In Advisory, our students engage in conversations with their peers and Advisor about academic and non-academic issues of importance. In Tutorial, our students get targeted, small-group support in an academic area of need. And in our elective period, our teachers choose one of their passions to teach to students (subjects this year included: basketball, soccer, dance, strength and conditioning, yoga, self-care, and improv).

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